Fairview in Serenitea

Fairview in Serenitea

Fairview at Serenitea

Set atop the verdant hills of the Nilgiris, Fairview has been handcrafted with love to give you the best the hills can offer.

The home sits on​ a quarter acre of land with views that extend out into the Kotagiri-Coimbatore valley. The silence of the large openness is broken with the breeze of the wind that swirls in the valley. A sight of the mountains sliding from 5000 ft to merge with the Deccan Plateau in Coimbatore is a feast to the eyes.​

The home enters with a modest garden from the road side. As you enter the home, each aspect of the granduer unfolds infront of you. A cosy living room lit with natural sunlight throughout the day adds energy to your soul. The 3 bedrooms are well positioned to capitalize on the views that extend into the hill tops and eastern horizon. A spacious sloped lawn is a treat to explore on the outdoors.

The home has a fully facilitated modular kitchen alongside the dining room that enjoys a balcony frontage. Aptly placed electronics, bespoke furniture and well lit light fittings creates a sense of belonging with the flow of the villa.

Well carpeted with wood and appropriate use of colours brings flavour to this unique home in the hills, which we believe you shall cherish for the years to come.

Bold Hills and Valleys

Breathtaking views surround the most part of your property. The plot dotted with trees and shrubs merge with the backdrop of the Blue Hills.

Subtly Secure

Despite the openness to the vastlands, we have ensured that you live in a safe and secure zone within an active gated community in the Nilgiris.

Functional & Comforting Spaces

The home is well furnished with personally chosen furniture and artefacts. Every aspect from your daily washing needs to the internal heating systems have been put in place to ensure comfort and warmth in your vacation home.

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