Serenitea Homes

Serenitea Homes

Serenitea Homes

One of the well composed gated communities located in Drumla, Coonoor in Nilgiris with excellent structure and fencing modela. A fair number of homes are sold and hundreds of sq.ft plots have been occupied owing to the perfect residential setup at Serenitea.You will be gifted to own the best gated community living.

Betwixt the hills of Nilgiris, perched above the Coimbatore and Kotagiri Valleys lies Serenitea. It enjoys the peace and tranquility of the Nilgiris at its finest.

The wide spread plot contains few homes built providing you chance to grab your plot sooner. Some constructions are just about completion just making an overall notion of making it one of the finest lively community residential space where each enjoys theirs stay.

Currently within this project, we have plots and a handful of homes we built that shall appease your senses within this beautiful getaway.


Serenitea, enjoys the peace and tranquility of Nilgiris at its finest an experience you'll never forget..


Standing out as one of the most sold properties, Serenitea holds your key to paradise.

Family time

The peace around the home makes your family time more beautiful and momentous

Sims Park, Gymkana Club, Coonoor Club