Brookside Sukriti

Brookside Sukriti

Brookside Sukriti

We present to you Sukriti homes is located in Brooklands, an active residential area in Coonoor with greenery and amazing views for your perfect stay. At a price value, our homes are the best place to start your comfort living. It would be prefect home in hills, where you can breathe fresh air and live a green life.

A compound with a single car park, garden and sufficient well and water tanks, Sukriti is ideal to fit in all your needs in town.

Privacy is maintained with each owner enjoying his own gate for entry personal space within compound. The garden is spacious for home grown veges and play.

Well defined internal spaces cater to the need of readymade furniture and standard outfitting.

Expected delivery for this project is November 2017. Work has commenced and the site is active. Call us today to book your home in Coonoor!

Salient Features


    Water is a concern that everyone faces today. We are blessed to have hit a well at just 5 feet of depth. Water is plenty and a municipal connection is also provided for if needed


    An optional utility space can also cater to a Pooja room. The balcony just outside the utility is suitable for drying and washing


    ‚ÄčThe home design has undergone strict checks of Vaasthu. From the entry, to the bedroom positions, to the facing of the cooking - all aspects have been looked into

  • ROAD APPROACHES & Additional Parking

    The approach to the home has a 16 feet wide road approach, suitable for town properties. Additional parking space is available as well.