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Quail Hill Quail Hill, Coonoor

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If your heart desires to be a forest dweller, this is the closest that it gets here in the Nilgiris.


The green lawn is simple yet rich with features in nooks. A deck within the lawn offers you the change to also sit out and dine in the right weather.


The home is very private, well embarked with a retaining wall towards the road and largely single level with neighbours unseen from the premises. A forest is within your backyard.

For a nature lover, a spot right amidst the woods, surrounded by tall trees with picture perfect rays of light passing through the eucalyptus leaves and the sight of mist that occasionally engulfs the place is what is called home. Imagine owning a beautiful villa on that spot. Quail hill can satiate all these luxuries. Located at the top of a hill and yet a stone's throw away from the town, Quail Hill is perfect.

This recently renovated 40-year old English villa houses 3 bedrooms, multiple viewing galleries and living spaces. It has beautiful walking and trekking paths for adventure lovers and fitness enthusiasts. The villa is very close to Bedford, Sim’s Park and Brooklands, thus very much in town.

The lawns and garden outside the house are inviting and a pleasure to hang out in under the shade of the trees. The bedrooms are spacious and at the same time cosy. Water storage in large rainwater tanks and sumps have been provided for. Besides the open parking and private driveway through the lawn, there is also a car garage that may serve well if wish to park your car there for a long period of time.

Quick Overview

  • Skylights in all rooms to allow natural light
  • Verandahs and gable roof
  • Additional Sun room which is has glass all around
  • Large lawn with small feature spots
  • Private driveway to reach the house
  • Servant quarters to aid the home

List of Rooms in House

  • living
  • dining hall
  • sun room
  • 1 attic bedroom
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • verandah
  • kitchen

Key Distances

  • Coimbatore Airport
  • 75 km
  • ATM
  • 1 km
  • hospital
  • 1 km
  • school
  • 2 km
  • Coonoor Railway Station
  • 4 km
  • Coonoor town
  • 4 km
  • Coonoor Club
  • 1 km
  • WGC
  • 2 km

Floor Plans

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