Gated Community & Independent
Plots for Sale in the Nilgiris

We deal with plots of land in residential gated communities. We also handle a few independent plots where we understand the basic needs are met.

Plots with Basic needs met

Vitrag ensures that all the plots have sufficient water supply, electrical connections and good road access properties. Some plots also have good fibre internet connectivity.

Clear Land Titles

All gated community plots go through a legal clearance process before a transaction takes place. Documents are handed over with all land records name transfers, parent document sets and a legal opinion to support the same for securing the investment.

Buy one with Great Views

Vitrag assures that every plot has a good view to look forward to. Some have views of valleys, while some capitalize on the tea estates and mountains in the Nilgiris. In rare cases, plots enjoy great dynamism of a larger valley or a waterfall across the hill.

Developing your plot

Some plots are developed with their retention walls and flattened land parcel, ready for construction. Most plots give you the freedom to work with an architect and define the spaces within the property and how best to meet your aspirations of a home in the hills.

Close to Town
Close to Town
Fibre Internet
Fibre Internet
Water Source
Water Source
Open parks
Open Parks
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Fenced Boundary

โ‚น 70 to 100 lakhs

Plot 119 at Serenitea for sale

Plot 119

map icon Sua Serenitea
17ย cents

Plot 119 is an east facing, wide road frontage plot at Sua Serenitea. the size in apt to build a villa or cottage in the gated community.

Plot 128 at Serenitea for sale

Plot 128

map icon Sua Serenitea
20ย cents

Plot 128 at Sua Serenitea is quaint, tucked away in the corner of the layout, yet enjoying the benefits of being in the secure space.

โ‚น 1 to 1.5 cr

Plot 148 at Sua Serenitea for Sale

Plot 148

map icon Sua Serenitea
21ย cents

Plot 148 at Sua Serenitea has a mild gradient. Being perched on the higher side of the hill, the plot enjoys fantastic views of the tea estates in the vicinity.

โ‚น 1.5 to 2.0 cr

Plot 15 at Tiger Hill for Sale

Plot 15

map icon Tiger Hill
15ย cents

Plot 15 is a beautiful 15 cents north-facing Plot at Tiger Hill gated community. The views extend into the tea estates and valleys.

Plot 130 at Serenitea for sale

Plot 130

map icon Sua Serenitea
35.85ย cents

Plot 130 is a plot at Drumella located on the periphery of the community, looking into the tea estates, a marsh and a forest close by.

Above โ‚น 2.0 cr

Plot 10 at Hill Valley Enclave for sale

Plot 10

map icon Hill Valley Enclave
37.8ย cents

Plot 10 is a well-located plot on a mid-tier of Hill Valley Enclave. The plot enjoys good views of the tea estate and the eucalyptus forest.

Plot 5 at Sunset View for sale

Plot 5

map icon Sunset View
54ย cents

Plot 5 at Sunset View is a large 54 cents plot with a spectacular view of the mountains and the large valley.