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Residential Real Estate in Coonoor

Residential real estate has been our prime forte for the last 20 years. With over 80 homes in our gated communities and several stand-alone houses, Vitrag has helped aspiring home owners to have a home in the hills. We make the journey of a residential property purchase is an easy and painless process.

Detailed Check

All properties we deal with go through an intense screening process and detailed development work before it is presented to you.

Our work deals with various aspects of a property like document clarity, authenticating permission process, water resource, electrical resource, internet and utilities in the area, forest boundaries and regulations, contour checks, verifying boundaries, road access and many more knitty gritties.

Painless Documentation

To close the loop and make the investment a sustainable one, we help obtain government clearances, occupation certificate and all other utility connections that may be required in the running of the home.

Appleby - Old house for sale in Coonoor, Nilgiris - India image



Appleby Bungalow is a villa with authentic British style architecture. It is located in Coonoor and blends perfectly with the serene environment of the Nilgiris

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Balaclava House - Large Colonial Bungalow in Coonoor | Nilgiris image



Balaclava is one of the largest properties in Coonoor. With a built-up area of around 7,800 square feet and over an acre of land, this property really stands out.

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Bournville - Modern Bungalow in Coonoor for sale, Nilgiris image


 Brooklands, Coonoor

Bournville is located in Brooklands, Coonoor. It is a beautiful 5 bedroom villa that will help you escape the chaos of city life

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Casa Hermosa - Large 5 bedroom house for sale in Brooklands image

Casa Hermosa

 Brooklands, Coonoor

Casa Hermosa is a 6340 Sq. ft. Coonoor villa with top notch fitting and a large landscape. It is a modern style villa in a serene environment

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E11 39 - Casa Montana Luxury Villa for Sale in Coonoor | Nilgiris image

Casa Montana

 Sua Serenitea, Coonoor

A Spanish styled villa, sitting on a mountain and looking into gorgeous views. A beautiful landscape and luxurious spaces defines this home

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Dawson Bungalow - 4 bed Independent House for Sale Coonoor image

Dawson Bungalow

 Bettati, Coonoor-Kotagiri Road

Dawson is a beautiful independent bungalow located in Bettati, Kotagiri road. The English styled house has 3.5 bedrooms and views of the hills and estates.

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Jade Greens - 2 BHK home in Coonoor | Kotagiri Kattabettu image

Jade Greens

 Kaguchi-Billikambai , Kotagiri

Jade greens is a villa located in the midst of the tea gardens. It is equipped with a large living and dining room with double height spaces

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Kenilworth Bungalow - Old English Villa for Sale in Coonoor image


 Sims Park, Coonoor

Kenilworth is a century old British Colonial Bungalow in Coonoor. It has the charm of an old house, private and surrounded by tall eucalyptus and a pine forest.

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Panapara - Luxurious 3 bedroom estate Bungalow for Sale image


 Leopard rock, Kolakombai

Leopard Rock is part of the Panapara Estate, a small mountaintop tea estate. The property spans a few acres with just a single house atop the hill.

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Quail Hill Villa - Old English cottage for Sale in Coonoor | Nilgiris image

Quail Hill

 Quail Hill, Coonoor

Quail Hill is a 3 bedroom house situated right in the midst of a wooded area. The property enjoys a large lawn with eucalyptus surrounding the entire premises.

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Shakthi Sai House for Sale in Halakarai, Aravenu | Kotagiri image

Shakthi Sai

 Halakarai, Kotagiri

This quaintly located bungalow is one of its kind with a spacious lawn, square building, backyard with tea bordering the forest at Halakarai.

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Streamside Aster - Apartment for Sale in Ooty, Ketti Valley image

Streamside Aster

 Streamside, Ketti Valley

Streamside Aster is a 2-bedroom apartment in the Ketti Valley, close to Ooty. The home is elder-friendly with a private lawn, car park and common facilities.

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Streamside Duranta - 2 BHK apartment for sale in Ooty, Ketti image

Streamside Duranta

 Streamside, Ketti Valley

Duranta is a furnished 2 bedroom apartment, close to Ooty, is at Streamside which boasts of a clubhouse, basketball court, cycling track and a park.

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