All Sold Properties of Vitrag Group

The bungalows featured here are some of the houses that Vitrag Group and associate partners have built and transacted in the past.

Customized Features

All properties in the hills are uniquely designed and executed. Each property is evaluated for the terrain and the beauty it can capture. Conscious design to the environment and the tradition of building hill homes, drives the ethos of most designs.

Bungalow Chasewood at Adar Estate | Vitrag Group imageSOLD


 Adar Estate, Coonoor

Chasewood is located in the Adar estate, along the Coonoor-Kotagiri Road. The evergreen forest facing villa was built with openness and soothing ambiance.

Divyata at Hillsborough on Sale, Coonoor Kotagiri| Nilgiris imageSOLD


 Hillsborough, Coonoor

Divyata is a 3 bedroom house at Hillsborough Plot 1. The 2-storey house has a front yard, a backyard and a beautiful view in front. Delivery expected in Jan'21.

Fairview - Home in Drumella - Vitrag Group | Nilgiris imageSOLD


 Kotagiri, Coonoor

Fairview is a villa that sits on a quarter acre of land with views that extend out into the Kotagiri-Coimbatore valley.

Fulbari - Completed Home in Drumella | Coonoor imageSOLD


 Sua Serenitea, Coonoor

Fulbari is a 3 bedroom villa, located in the Sua Serenitea area of Coonoor, the villa is 3,483 sq.ft. as covered spaces designed for luxury

Home 28 - 3 bedroom English villa in gated community imageSOLD

Mahika - Hillsborough 28

 Hillsborough, Kotagiri Road

This house is a British Colonial styled bungalow, top of the hill property with amazing views of the tea hill and green valleys.

Jannat - Completed Home at Serenitea | Nilgiris imageSOLD


 Kotagiri, Coonoor

Jannat is a 1000 Sq. ft. Coonoor villa. It is an eco friendly villa in a serene environment

Kenilworth Bungalow - Old English Villa for Sale in Coonoor imageSOLD


 Sims Park, Coonoor

Kenilworth is a century old British Colonial Bungalow in Coonoor. It has the charm of an old house, private and surrounded by tall eucalyptus and a pine forest.

Mohans - Gated community villa in Coonoor - Nilgiris imageSOLD


 Kotagiri, Coonoor

Mohans is a 2285 Sq. ft. Coonoor villa with breath-taking views of the Coimbatore valley

E11 Palazzo at Hillsborough Gated Community Villa | Nilgiris imageSOLD


 Hillsborough, Kotagiri Road

Palazzo is located in a gated community called Hillsborough on Kotagiri road. This home is a beautiful 21 cents villa with Mediterranean style of architecture

Quail Hill Villa - Old English cottage for Sale in Coonoor | Nilgiris imageSOLD

Quail Hill

 Quail Hill, Coonoor

Quail Hill is a 3 bedroom house situated right in the midst of a wooded area. The property enjoys a large lawn with eucalyptus surrounding the entire premises.

Streamside English Daisy Villa in Ketti near Ooty| Vitrag Group imageSOLD

Streamside English Daisy

 Streamside, Ooty

English Daisy is a 3 bedroom home, located in the Ketti Valley with views of the scenic NMR encircling the hill. An elegant home with private and common lawns.

Marigold - Completed 2 bedroom apartment in Ketti, Ooty imageSOLD

Streamside Marigold

 Streamside, Ketti Valley

Marigold is a 2-bed apartment, located at the Streamside in the Ketti. The home is single level with a car park and a perennial stream flowing right below you

Tanmaya - Single level Bungalow for sale in Coonoor, Nilgiris imageSOLD


 Hillsborough, Coonoor

Tanmaya is a single-level English design inspired house at Hillsborough. The 3 bedroom house has a large lawn, sizable kitchen and a great view of the valley.

Turf Yard | Villa at Drumella | Vitrag Group imageSOLD

Turf Yard

 Sua Serenitea, Coonoor

Turf Yard is a 3 bedroom, English styled villa for sale. The property has tremendous views and a large flat lawn in front. It is within a gated community.