Testimonial of a purchase at Streamside Ketti

Rajesh Gope

What generated your interest here - The home has a stream and a waterfall in the backyard. There will not be a water shortage problem with such a natural resource. It's a beautiful place, greenery all around, it's a gated community, so it is very safe. Personally, one wants a safe place to live with family and friends, and it's within the greens. That's how it attracted us.

The best part of Streamside - Since it's a gated community, all the members are good and come from excellent backgrounds. They hail from various places like Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore, and we come from Mumbai, a couple of people from Pune. So basically, it's like a small city within a country. It's a cosmo crowd. The best part is the people are so friendly, and the staff are amicable. If there is any problem, they are just a phone call away, and things get materialised immediately. All your issues are resolved in the least possible time.

Frequency of visits - I come from a very hectic schedule on the third week of every month. I find this place so serene and relaxed. This stay has been almost 16 days for my family and me, and it's been like a good long vacation. I am really loving this place. When I come here, I get into a cocoon and close myself to my Mumbai life.

Recommendation - I would want team Vitrag to make more places like these. They are doing great community building. Who is a developer? A developer is somebody who develops property and does something for the community. This is exactly what Vitrag is doing, and they market properties that look like heaven. They should keep doing it and have more properties soon. They've got ample spaces in their kitty to develop more gated communities like Streamside, and I wish them all the best.

Improvements - A small provisional shop near the community would be ideal.

Comments - They are doing a good job. When I came here first, it was love at first sight. What they are doing is phenomenally good. Keep doing good things, and as they keep growing, they could take feedback on what they have done. They are very proactive.