British Colonial Bungalows for sale

Properties in the Nilgiris

The Nilgiris is one of the very few places in India that still has a very strong colonial influence, architecturally in particular. The British built several bungalows in the estates and towns they established here. Hill stations were a popular getaway from the heat and humidity of the rest of India. The climate here- pleasant rains and cool atmosphere bore an uncanny resemblance to summers in Great Britain. The Nilgiris was thus made the summer capital for homesick elites and officers stationed in post-colonial Madras.

The grassy slopes of the hills were a sportsman's paradise. Golf, horse riding, billiards and snooker are still popular sports in the Nilgiris. The Madras Regimental Centre here that is now called DSSC is another reason behind the heavy colonial influence that is still seen in schools, social clubs, public structures like railway stations and culture here.

These houses are an embodiment of the grandeur of the British era and are sturdy, elegant structures standing tall almost a century later. The sloping roofs, large windows, chimneys and other architectural features are not only charming but perfectly suited to endure the rains and temperature of the Western Ghats.

The Colonial Bungalows of the Nilgiris today are close to a century old structures. These aesthetically pleasing, double-wall built residences are a hallmark of design and culture to the Nilgiris today. Some of these bungalows have stood the test of time and show the remarkable skill and workmanship of the 1800s in South India.

Each property has a history with prominent residents at various timelines. The properties are nostalgic and contain original elements, representing the time and culture of the Colonial period.

Some of these former British residences may need upgrades and restoration. Vitrag and several partners in the Nilgiris have been able to successfully restore such spaces. Our structural consultants, designer and contractors understand the amount of care to preserve these elements.