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Properties in the Nilgiris

As builders and facilitators of properties in the Nilgiris, Vitrag also helps clients and investors with the sale of recently built houses and villas. These houses undergo a complete scrutiny on their documents, sanctions and utilities for the building before showcasing.

Resale properties are a viable option between building something new on an open plot of land and buying into an old house. It is also a quicker alternative if you trying to run away from the noise and hustle of the city as quick as you can. These houses are less than 10 years old, probably lived in for a few years and have got over any of the teething problems that buildings undergo in the Nilgiris. They are ready abodes for you to move into and realise your dream of living here. Your own private garden, crisp air and marvellous views are only a few steps away with a resale home.

Vitrag and our Interior consultants can help you refurbish, repaint or make necessary alterations to these homes to add to your comfort and lifestyle. Our team have experience working with clients to make their ideal holiday or retirement home in the Nilgiris .

KSR Sabari - 3 bed Independent House for Sale Coonoor

KSR Sabari

KSR Sabari near Sims Park in Coonoor is a spacious 3 bedroom independent villa. The house faces a eucalyptus forest and yet proximal to the main road.


2684 sqft
10 cents
1 car