British Colonial Bungalow in Coonoor


View of the old bungalow from the main road
View of the bungalow from the garden
Seen here is the entrance and private drive-in
A glance at the elevation as you enter the premises
Interior picture of a bedroom
Another picture of a bedroom
Mango tree - a rare scene in Coonoor - growing and fruiting well
Typical style British Colonial bedroom room
An old radio, an artefact of the house
Western Verandah of the house
English style sitting room with multiple doorways
A working fireplace in the corner
 The central Living room of Appleby Bungalow
A bedroom fireplace in the corner
Dining room of the bungalow
Picture of the Western Verandah
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About Appleby

This bungalow is an authentic British Colonial built house and is well located in Appleby. The proximity to town and the conveniences, makes this locality a prime residential space. The home enjoys 40 cents of land well within property.

The property is flat and has several trees, an open well and a servants quarters to support the services. The interiors though dated, the structure is solid and has no leakage or dampness issues. Some electrical alterations and toilet upgrades may be required to do for the end user.

If authencity is the key desire to own a bungalow in the hills, look no more.

Appleby is a beautiful British style bungalow. It still maintains the old charm. With low ceilings in periphery and high ceilings in the central hall, it really gives you a taste of royal living.

The villa is calmly tucked away from the main road with a compound wall that restricts views of town and maintains privacy. The home has several mango and peaches trees that give it a typical hill station villa feeling.

The villa is aptly located near Coonoor and Wellington. It is just 2 kms uphill drive from the Coonoor Railway Station and 2 kms away from DSSC in Wellington.

Appleby Bungalow has the added benefit of a pristine water source within the property.

There are 4 fireplaces in this house, thus keeping the residence warm even in the coldest of winters.

The library is a well suited to be converted to a kitchen / dining. The ample doors that are built in typical British style that give flexibility of access while adding class. The well-maintained garden outside the home is perfect for family gatherings and recreation.