Residential real estate has been our prime forte for the last 20 years. With over 80 homes in our gated communities and several stand- alone homes, Vitrag has helped aspiring home owners to have a home in the hills. We make the journey of a residential property purchase is an easy and painless process.

All communities and properties we deal with go through an intense screening process and detailed development work before it is presented to you. Our work deals with various aspects of a property like document clarity, authenticating permission process, water resource, electrical resource, internet and utilities in the area, forest boundaries and regulations, contour checks, verifying boundaries, road access and many more knitty gritties.

To close the loop and make the investment a sustainable one, we help obtain government clearances, occupation certificate and all other utility connections that may be required in the running of the home.

Residential Properties

  • Municipal Limits
    • Town lands
  • Panchayat
    • Gated community plots
    • Independent holdings

Homes to Offer

  • Standalone Bungalows within gated communities
  • Duplex
  • Town houses
  • Old English Bungalow homes


A gated community helps alleviate several challenges that one could face when setting up a home in the hills. When it comes to a community setup by Vitrag, the below needs are taken care of:

  • 24*7 security is in place to ensure safety of the premises.
  • A community manager or staff is allocated to handle daily work for the upkeep of premises.
  • Water in most cases is tapped internally and is a source strong enough to cater the community needs.
  • Overhead tanks are built to help in the distribution of water through pipes to each plot.
  • Roads and culverts are done to ensure water gets direction and pathways are clear for car and pedestrians. Our roads are known to be wide in all space with gradual gradients.
  • Electrical posts lie within all communities making it convenient for future owners to take electrical connections.
  • In some communities we also incorporate common spaces that can be managed and maintained for the recreation and social activities of the residents.

In all established gated communities today, you will see Vitrag as developers and residents as owners taking part in actively managing spaces to bring about comfort to all stakeholders thus making the operations smooth and suitable. In newer gated communities, similar lines of systems are being created to ensure comfort for future residents even if you do not see all amenities today.


As demand for residential space increase with varied requirement and diverse needs. At Vitrag we also combine strengths with like-minded promoters and develop quality residential living spaces.

Properties are scanned through paperwork and development needs for residences. Once all development work is completed, either by the promoter or Vitrag as developers, comprehensive marketing initiatives are taken to target segments for each product based on optimal strategy.

Our marketing and sales service include:

  • Development marketing material and reaching it to client.
  • Furnishing all information to clients to maintain transparency throughout the process.
  • Handling sales transactions till name records and ownership changes hands in entity.
  • Managing after sales needs for client.
  • Referring any after sales needs that may go beyond Vitrag’s scope to ensure the client needs are met.
  • Precision is key in documentation and we ensure all govt records are accurate.

The process of marketing, firstly, makes sure that the developers can focus on their strengths and develop quality products and secondly, also finds the investments benefited through sales.

For investors and owners our services include, documentation handover and after sale reassures the client of his investment. We always look forward to owners who dwell with our projects and add value to their lives.


The Nilgiris has recently been developing its hospitality sector. As companies grow and their needs evolve we help in the transition where suited investors could make specific investments into properties. Professional orgainsations in the hospitality industry can channel their energies to maintain properties and deliver high quality services to clients. Hotel and resort properties do come up in the market for outright sales or joint venture. We help in the alignment or transaction. We also help the following:

  • Legal services
  • Industrial financial management.
  • Industrial loan eligibility checks.
  • Approvals for building or renovation.
  • Clearance from all needed govt departments to run a property.


To invest in a property a viable source for funding in India is the banking system secured loan are a well known tax beneficial way to help invest into a property. Home loan service have helped in boosting the economy when serviced at low rates of interest. The PMAY scheme is also a scheme that helps lower and middle income families build a home for the family.

At Vitrag based on the financial need of the client we recommend and help avail best suited home loan or housing scheme service. This assistance helps future home owners fund their home building process.

All our gated communities and homes till date have been screened through various banks to help clients. The Nilgiris is open to buy a plot of land even by NRIs. NRIs can also avail loans in most if not all our homes for sale and plotted gated communities.

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Vitrag Group started its venture in 2002 with the endeavour to help people meet the aspirations of living comfortably in the pleasant and cool climate of Nilgiris. The journey started with developing gated communities amid these beautiful landscapes.

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