Rajesh Gope

Interests - The home has a streamside and a waterfall that makes natural water resource. It's a beautiful place, greenery all around, it's a gated community so its very safe. Personally one wants a safe place to live with family and friends and its withtin the greens, that's how it attracted us.

Best part of streamside - since its a gated community, all the members are good, they come from very good backgrounds. They hail from various places like Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, we come from Mumbai, couple of people from Pune. So basically, its like a small city within a country, its a cosmo crowd. The best part is the people are so friendly, the staff are very friendly, any problem, they are just a phone call away and things get materialised immediately. All your problems are resolved in the least possible time.

Frequency of visits - I come on the third week of every month, come from a very hectic schedule. I find this place so serene and relaxed. This stay has been almost 16 days for me and my family, its been like a good long vacation. Really loving this place. When I come here I get into a cocoon and close myself from my Mumbai life.

Recommendation - this property, yes, I would want team Vitag to make more places like these. They are doing very good community building. Who is a developer? A developer is somebody who really develops property and does something for the community. This is exactly what Vitrag is doing,they marketing properties that look like heaven. They should keep doing it and have more properties in the near future. They've got ample properties in their kitty so they can develop more gated communities like streamside, I wish them all the best

Improvements - small provisional shop near of outside the community.

Comments - They are doing a good job. when I came here first, it was love at first sight, what they doing is phenomenally good. Keep doing good things and as they keep growing they could take feedbacks, which they have done. they are very proactive.


Hear of vitrag - I've been wanting to buy a property in Ooty for a while. When I came for vacation to Ooty, I saw an advertisement, through that I got to know Streamside Vitrag group properties. We had been to many properties in Coonoor, we liked this property because of the gated community, there are many gated communities but comes with a club house, no other community in Ooty or Coonoor has that. This has full security and amenities. We can entertain ourselves and exercise.

Best part about Streamside - We have a good neighbourhood, good neighbours aroud. There are several sports utilities, gym, club house. It also has a 360 degree beautiful view. There are also many bisons here, we stay with bisons. Also, the builders, Kailash and Amit, whatever they promised they delivered. They maintain the property very well, 24 hrs security and garden are some highlights.

Frequency of visits - We come in summer, usually April May, we come for two months. We bring our full family and maids also. Hyderabad is 44 degrees now. So compared to that, this place is like heaven. Right now its also drizzling, so its beautiful.

Recommendation - Yes, I've been doing just that to my friends. I keep talking about this place. I like it mainly because it not on the main road, there are only train and bird sounds here. It is two kms from the valley so no noise pollution from anywhere. I highly recommend this property to anyone who wants a beautiful life with no pollution with lovely neighbours.

Improvements - Everything is good, only thing I feel is that they need to make servant quarters, that's the only thing lacking.

Vitrag Group started its venture in 2002 with the endeavour to help people meet the aspirations of living comfortably in the pleasant and cool climate of Nilgiris. The journey started with developing gated communities in the midst of these beautiful landscapes.

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